About High Quality Farms


Welcome to High Quality Farms!

We are a family-owned farm located in southwestern Michigan, approximately midway between Kalamazoo, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana.

High Quality Farms was started in 2001 by Dave and Stacey High. Corn, soybeans, and sweet corn were grown that first year. In 2004, we started growing seed corn for the DuPont Pioneer company for the Plymouth, Indiana plant. Since then, we have been able to produce seed corn for both the Plymouth plant and Constantine, Michigan plant. We continue to grow commercial corn, soybeans, and hay. Also, we do some custom farming for neighbors. In 2014 we added cattle to our operation.


Since beginning our farming operations in 2001, we have shared a vision that includes purposeful growth, strong values, and an emphasis on building solid relationships that support the community. For us, naming our operation “High Quality Farms” was more than creating a catchy name; it described our approach to developing a thriving farm enterprise. At first raising corn, soybeans, and sweet corn, we have grown our operation by consistently maintaining high quality. We are careful stewards of the land, we approach diversification thoughtfully, and we practice ethical behaviors that have led to long-lasting relationships with our agricultural partners.

In 2004, High Quality Farms met the exacting standards to begin growing seed corn for the Plymouth, Indiana plant of DuPont Pioneer Company. Today, we have about 3,000 acres of seed corn in production for both the Indiana and Constantine, Michigan DuPont Pioneer plants. By producing high yielding, agronomically sound seed, High Quality Farms helps agriculture keep pace with increasing demand and bolster farming productivity at a time when land available for agriculture is decreasing. In addition to seed corn, High Quality Farms continues to grow commercial corn, soybeans, and hay on additional acres of owned or leased land.

We have embraced the farming lifestyle and are committed to raising our family on a farm where all of our God-given talents can have a positive impact. Perhaps our children—Hadley, Holden, and Hudson—will be the next generation of “high quality” farmers.

We are always interested in growing our operation through mutually beneficial partnerships and talented employees.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can work together to feed the world, one seed at a time.

Dave and Stacey High
Owners, High Quality Farms